Behzad Rad is a  fashion photographer based in Dubai, he graduate  from BUFSAD Bursa Fotoğraf Sanatı Derneği with bachelor’s in Graphic Arts and Multimedia, and recently completed a Master in Fashion Photography at Istanbul College of Fashion. Through hes work in fashion photography, he aims to explore and promote diversity and different notions of beauty, in order to empower people. In hes final master’s degree project, he focused on investigating ways in which photography could help women overcome anxieties about their body face and Preventing Extreme Surgery to tell everyone they are beautiful on the way they are , and in other hand tell others accept others with any unique or even the most common appearance . You can view her online portfolio , and some of her master’s project work here.

work worldwide with clients, 
brands : 
Mocarlo – Ralph Polo – dior – hulbot – Piere Cardin – Zara – Byseps – Aker – Kiğılı– Sergio Tachini – Bossini – Armin BHT – Golden Rose – Dolce & Gabbana – Mercedes Benz – Roberto Cavali  – Venus Plus Hotels – Lacoste – -Zanos Suits – Tiny BB – Aphomar – Emertat cosmetic –LC Waikiki – Sposa – Sarar – Voit Cosmetic – MissNy – Body Engineers – Fc Plus Suits – Omega – Designers Family – Duchess fashion house – Masihzad Suits – Revenge  – Cadillac dubai – Zilan –  Roni -Sepahan – Garnet Groups – VIP Spr – BubbleBeach Dubai – 

and many celebrities , actors , musicians….